Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where I am now

I'm going to fast forward to get up to date. On Friday, Dec 21 I had my "simulation."
There is a good description of the procedures that the radiation physicist performed along
with the CT Scan, which I had done 12/14


I will try to update you with my version of this twirling and tattooing voodoo medicine
My mother came with me and waiting anxiously and alone in the waiting room. Then she got to meet Dr. Porrazo

He was very reassuring to her, explaining that the
radiation treatment is primarily prophalytic in my case, since most of my tumor
was intraductal.

Dr. Porrazo and the physicists come up with a treatment protocal by examining the images from the CT Scans. The next Friday, I show up for my "sim" and meet the radiologists. However, they cannot find my treatment protocal. This has been typical at WHC, it seems they have
too many computer systems and not much integration. My appointment is at 11:00 and at 11:20 they tell me the physicists are "still working" on my treatment plan.

Thanks god they did not need to take my blood pressure, because I am sure it is somewhere close to the roofline. Finally, they walk me into the treatment area, and position me according to the angles and degrees that are on the computer screen. By this time, however, I am so
tense that when they leave the room and check me on the computer, I am off my
"marks". All three of them come running back in, kind of like Keystone
cops, and rearrange me and try again. The team are taking X-rays to make
sure that they have interpreted the instructions correctly. Finally it is done.

The treatment team on the Alpha machine are Mustapha, Ade
(two very dark men from Africa) and Roselia.

My first treatment is 12/26, and it goes much like my
"sim." Lots of running back and forth and re-arranging me. Isn't
"try to relax" an oxymoron? Treatment 2 is a bummer because they get to me
20 minutes late, but I got my zaps on the first try. Treatment 3 goes
smooth as silk, I get my zaps all the first time, and catch the 9:05 bus and get
to work by 9:30. So this is doable. Three down, 30 to

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