Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lay-led service

I participated in a lay-led service in January, on the transcendentalists.

Lay led service

You can access the text of the service here. In order to view the video, you must login as a member. You can log in as me, with my old hotmail account, email me for the password.

I sometimes watch the 9:15 service on line before I decide if I want to go to church. Usually the music picks me up and off I go.

Be sure to go to the end and read Doris’s poem. Doris is a birder and this service let her express for the first time the spiritual satisfaction she gets from this “competitive sport.”

In other news, I see that Buffalo, NY made the Top Ten – of 'America's 10 Most Miserable Cities'

Yes I am somewhat obsessive compulsive.

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