Sunday, February 3, 2008

Volunteering at WARL

It’s official – my position has been eliminated and I am now unemployed. Yesterday I sent in my application to become a volunteer at the Washington Animal Rescue League (as well as five resumes to IT type jobs).
Today the volunteer manager called to let me know there were some openings for today’s orientation.

This is the orientation video. If you are interested in the next generation of shelters, this is it.

They also work with other shelters in a 13 state area, taking in animals that may need more TLC or medical care than they can get where they are.
They took in over 100 dogs from the puppy mill seizure last year, and they have all found homes. They currently have puppies of the dogs from the puppy mill. I noticed a lot of them all ready have adoptions pending. In the cat area, I didn’t see anything that looked like a Bengal, but I did see a gorgeous silvery tabby cat. I noted that a lot of the cat condos were empty and I asked and they are empty because they are empty!

While you are on Youtube, you will see a series of videos on WARL’s trips to help post Katrina. The Executive Director Scotlund Haisley has now been hired by HSUS to be their head of disaster
Recovery. As I suspected, administratively things are a mess there so I will probably be helping in the office of the volunteer manager and others.

But isn’t this better than going in every morning and being zapped to kill my breast cancer? I have six treatments left!

Love to all, Dianne

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